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Valued Merchant Services provides Gift Card Programs, Loyalty Card Programs and Mobile Rewards Programs for merchants and small businesses across the US. Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards and Mobile Rewards Programs from Valued Merchant Services help improve customer loyalty and increase profits for small business owners. Customize cards to your exact specifications. Use one card for stored value, loyalty and rewards.

Gift and Loyalty cards are a great way to increase repeat business. With our system you can take a simple gift card and/or loyalty card program and turn it into a multi-faceted marketing program. Now you can cost effectively run incentive programs for small transactions, target select customers as opposed to everyone in the community, and instantly trigger messages/offers to individuals based on their activity. And with the low cost of our system, every transaction puts more money on your bottom line.

What you get with Valued Merchant Services and our Gift Card Programs, Loyalty & Reward Card Programs, Mobile Loyalty & Rewards Solutions

  • Competitive Pricing – Our gift and loyalty card program experience, group buying strategies and commitment to supporting the small business owner guarantees we are able to provide you with competitive pricing.
  • Peace of Mind – Partnering with the leaders in the Gift and Loyalty card industry allows you to rest easy knowing that you have chosen an established leader who will be able to meet your long and short-term gift and loyalty program needs.
  • Keep Your Best Customers Coming Back – One of the biggest benefits of our system is that your staff is able to easily identify a member by scanning their card. Now you can address a customer by name and provide customized offers and rewards based on their actions.
  • Keep Up With The Competition – Tired of competing with “Kohl’s Cash”, The Subway Card or BestBuy Rewards? Our system can replicate almost any program from loading cash rewards that expire over time to earning points toward a gift certificate or free service. Your ability to create member-only sales and limited-time promotions may provide you with the edge you need to distinguish your business from the competition.

Gift Card, Loyalty Card and Mobile Reward Program Statistics

  • Gift Card Sales are a $100 Billion Dollar a Year Industry
  • Roughly 85% of the U.S. Population Will Exchange Gift Cards in the 2013 Holiday Season
  • Roughly 50% of Gift Card Holders Require Two Visits To Redeem The Full Value of the Card
  • 61% of Surveyed Retailers Plan To Offer Mobile Gift Cards By 2015
  • Online Gift Card Sales Are Growing 29% Per Year

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