Instructions For New Sales Agents

You Are Now Registered As An Independent Sales Agent Of
Valued Merchant Services

Welcome To The Team

You are now ready to begin our sales training program

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Our sales agent training program consists of 12 initial video courses
and 25+ additional courses available to complete as your schedule allows

You will receive an email & text message from Sarah Runckel 208-313-9491 with your username and password to the VMS Instant Quote Tool, CRM & Video Training Course System located at

Locate that email in your inbox or junk folder, the subject line of the email is:
Valued Merchant Services – New Sales Agent Instructions – Reply To Confirm Receipt

If you cannot locate the email, call or text Sarah Runckel at 208-313-9491

Initial Training Course Topics:

Introduction To Credit Card Processing

Cash Discounting and Surcharging

How To Sell Merchant Services

The Truth About Prospecting

Overcoming Merchant Objections

Selling Payment Processing – Back To The Basics

Organized For Success

The Opening Pitch That Always Works In Merchant Services

My Day In The Field

Directing The Sales Flow

Accomplishing Your Goals In Sales And Life

Processing Equipment And Terminals

Once you have completed these first 12 courses, contact Sarah Runckel 208-313-9491

She will place an order for your business cards, applications and printed forms (free of charge) to be picked up same day or next day at your local Staples or OfficeMax location (Bring Photo ID)

She can be reached at 1-208-313-9491 or

You can access all other product, service and technology related materials in the sales agent library

We are all here to help and give you the time, coaching and support you need to get started and succeed

Here is a list of helpful contacts

Alyce Turner – National Sales Director or 1-702-361-3545

Heather Maughan – Director of Ops or 1-208-313-9141

Sarah Akerill – Merchant Support Lead or 1-208-390-5551

Sarah Runckel – Agent Support Lead or 1-208-313-9491

Sean Ruppel – CEO and Co-Founder or 1-208-243-0005

Welcome to the team. We look forward to working with you

Chris Del GrandePresident and Co-Founder
208-243-0818 Direct
800-531-8575 x 100 Main