Affiliate Program

Valued Merchant Services Affiliate Program is the simplest way to monetize your online and offline audience. Becoming an affiliate is absolutely free of charge and simple to get set up. You could be referring businesses to us in as little as 24 hours and earning your first commissions in less than 7 days and weekly thereafter.

Benefits of our Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing
Referral Program
Elevate your earning potential with the Valued Merchant Services Affiliate Program — a seamless and powerful tool to enrich both your online and offline networks. Joining our affiliate family is not only free but also incredibly straightforward, enabling you to start referring businesses in just 24-48 hours. Imagine beginning to receive your first commissions in less than a week, with regular commission payouts weekly and lifetime monthly residual income as well.
Our program is specifically designed to bolster your income significantly while adding exceptional value to your existing audience. Whether you’re an author, B2B sales agent, blogger, business owner, consultant, educator, entrepreneur, professional, public speaker, or a social media marketer with a substantial influence, our platform is tailored to amplify your earnings.
Leverage your time, effort, and relationships more effectively. With Valued Merchant Services, you’re not just an affiliate; you’re a key partner in a thriving community. Join us and transform your influence into a sustainable and rewarding income stream.

Services We Provide for Your Referrals

  • Credit Card Processing / Merchant Services
  • EMV / NFC Credit Card Terminals
  • iPad / Tablet Point of Sale Systems
  • Mobile Payment Solutions
  • Business Loans / Working Capital
  • ATM Machine Sales / Service
  • Gift & Loyalty Card Programs
  • Check / ACH Processing Services
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Deregulated Electricity & Gas
  • Website Development / Mobile Apps
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital / Social Media Management
  • Payroll & HR