Gift & Loyalty Cards

Gift Card, Loyalty Card & Mobile Rewards Program Statistics

  • Gift Card Sales are a $125 Billion Dollar a Year Industry
  • Roughly 93% of the U.S. Population Will Exchange Gift Cards in the 2013 Holiday Season
  • Roughly 72% of customers Will spend MORE than the value of their card
  • Some retailers attribute 50% of their business to gift cards
  • Online Gift Card Sales Are Growing 29% Per Year

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Gift Card
Loyalty Card

Valued Merchant Services provides gift card programs, customer loyalty card programs and mobile rewards programs for merchants and small businesses across the US. Gift cards, customer loyalty programs, and mobile rewards programs from Valued Merchant Services help improve customer loyalty and increase profits for small business owners. You may customize cards to your exact specifications. Use one card for stored value, loyalty and rewards.

Gift cards and customer loyalty programs are a great way to increase repeat business. With our system, you can take your business’ simple gift card and loyalty card program and turn it into a multi-faceted marketing program. Now you can cost-effectively run incentive programs for small transactions, target select customers as opposed to everyone in the community, and instantly trigger messages/offers to individuals based on their activity. And with the low cost of our system, every transaction puts more money on your bottom line.

Gift Card Overview

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