Check & ACH Services

At Valued Merchant Services, we understand that every sale counts. But when the customer asks, “Do you take checks?” what do you say? Are you willing to take that risk? Do you have a way to determine the validity of the payment? By offering a variety of payment options, including ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment transaction processing, you ensure your customers stay happy and satisfied.

This may surprise you, but there are millions of Americans who still don’t use debit or credit cards. If your business won’t take checks, you’re missing out on sales. That’s why Valued Merchant Services makes it easy to say ‘Yes!’ to checks. Don’t give your customers a reason not to spend money at your business. Offer flexible payment options to guarantee fast and accurate payments through Valued Merchant Services.

Valued Merchant Services’ ACH payment transaction processing services take the uncertainty out of checks. Just scan the check with your terminal, and our system will quickly process the payment. There’s no risk or wait, you’ll know right away whether the check will bounce. Valued Merchant Services makes taking checks convenient for even the smallest business.

Since Valued Merchant Services’ ACH payment transaction processing submits checks as electronic payments, it uses the same system as your card terminal. By partnering with Clover, Valued Merchant Services lets you take any type of payment, anywhere. Don’t miss another sale! Contact Valued Merchant Services today to find out how we can help your business provide all the payment options your customers expect.