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Jeffery Wayne

Regional Account Manager

Jeffery is a native of Little Rock, Arkansas. He appreciates the opportunity to support his hometown businesses, helping provide solutions to the challenges they face. He also considers it a privilege to work with Valued Merchant Services, as VMS has great products to help business owners keep progressing.

In 1998, Jeffery created a business insurance agency by the name of Family Benefits, Inc., marketing Life and Burial policies to Little Rock and the surrounding area to a radius of 60 miles outside city limits. He trained 23 agents to support the area, and later co-oped with a financial firm, Dixon Financial Services, to help homeowners refinance and upgrade their property. Jeffery loves fishing for Blue Gil in the spring and summertime. He also loves self help books. To name a few: The Magic of Thinking Big, by David J. Schwartz; Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill; the Bible; and many other good books that keep him focused.

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Jeffery Wayne