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Michael Austin

Regional Account Manager

Michael is a regional account manager with VMS. He has over 10 years in the financial services industry and over 20 years in sales since the start of his first business in 1988. He started with VMS in May 2008, understanding the importance of having secure electronic transactions from the training in fraud prevention and anti-money laundering education he’s had in the financial services industry over the years. Michael offers all his potential clients a no-cost, no obligation analysis of their current credit card processing costs, to determine if they are paying higher rates and fees each month than what can be provided to them at VMS. Michael attends many networking events throughout the area, and has made many connections with various people that help him help his clients in numerous ways. Through word of mouth referrals to and from these connections, he’s able to help business owners save money in various ways, as well as increase sales. Michael provides personalized service for the various needs of business owners.Michael was born and raised in Auburn, Maine, and moved to the Phoenix, Arizona area in October, 2000. He has a son and 3 dogs. He spends his non-working hours with his family, reading, exercising, listening to music, and traveling whenever he can.

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