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Pat Keane

Regional Account Manager

Pat joined Valued Merchant Services in March of 2022 as a Regional Account Manager so he could help new businesses get started and existing businesses retain more of their hard-earned profits. After a devastating blow and loss of thousands of jobs from the buyout of Cabela’s Sporting Goods in Sidney N.E., Pat and his wife Sharrell founded and built Beans & Steams Coffee House in 2019 to help rebuild their great community. “My wife and I quickly found out just how hard it is to start a business and make it profitable. Help was hard to find, and merchant services was one of the areas we learned we should have done more homework on! We would have given anything to have a local representative that could’ve helped and guided us in the right direction,” Pat said.

With a desire to help the community and businesses however he could, Pat pursued a seat on the Cheyenne County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and was elected in 2020. “I am so excited to bring Valued Merchant Services to this community and surrounding area!” Pat would love to help you navigate the various options to find what would work best for you, so you can maximize the success and profitability of your business. Please contact him to see how he can help!

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Pat Keane