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Shelbe Chang

Regional Account Manager

Shelbe Chang is a Regional Account Manager with Valued Merchant Services. Growing up in a small business owner’s family, she saw how hard her parents had to work and save to make ends meet.   Shelbe joined ValueMerchant Services in the middle of the pandemic because she understands how small businesses need great support and services to run things in a way that lets them put more of their investments back into their businesses and families at home.

 Shelbe has also been heavily involved in the LGBTQ+ community in Long Beach since 2011. In early 2021, she joined the Long Beach LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce as a member of the advisory committee. Her goal is to empower LGBTQ+ small business owners and allies, especially trans-owned businesses and services.

 Currently, Shelbe is also a Realtor in Southern California, Long Beach. She developed her passion for real estate back in 2016 from a personal experience of hers, through which she came to understand that selling and buying a home is not just some fungible good transaction, as homes are not simply interchangeable. From there, she committed to helping and being a guide to as many future home buyers and sellers as she can to provide her knowledge and expertise.

Shelbe continues to learn additional skillsets to build her career as a multi-passionate

entrepreneur in the area, including health & beauty, digital marketing, financial and personal development niches.

Shelbe Chang is always passionate about what she does; she believes anything is possible. That being said, Shelbe is ready to help, serve and take your business to the next level with VMS.

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Shelbe Chang