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Terrah Flowers

Regional Account Manager

33 Year old Terrah Flowers is a fearless and dedicated entrepreneur originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is the Founder and Owner of the cleaning service,” Flowers Scrubbing Powers,” DBA FSP Cleaning Co., located in her small town of Carthage, Mississippi, where she has lived for the past 18 years. Her dependable character and perseverance have gained credibility and the respect of business leaders in both the local and surrounding areas. She is a leader with experience in diverse areas of operations. A visionary professional successful in growing businesses’ consumer-based revenue, Terrah is well-equipped to help merchants with development and implementation of key business solutions.

Terrah is attending college online at Colorado Technical University, studying to receive her Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Her current goal is to contribute to local business owners’ fight to grow revenue, saving them money by offering reasonable and understandable rates and fees combined with the best resource she could offer: herself. With Terrah in their corner, merchants can expect to come out on top, having her assistance solving challenges, backed by the full array of solutions offered by Valued Merchant Services. Satisfaction of each client serves as her number one priority, providing a resolution to each of her clients’ unique needs.

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Terrah Flowers