Local Merchant Services for Small Business Owners

Small business owners provide quality products and services in many communities throughout the United States. If a small business has the tools to compete against nearby stores, consumers may have delightful shopping experiences. Local merchant services for small business owners empower store owners to accept electronic payments.

Merchant Processing Services

Without a reliable way to accept credit cards, a small business owner will encounter a variety of challenges.

A large percentage of checkout transactions may get voided, frequent trips might be made to a local bank and certain cash-handling risks could be magnified for small business owners without merchant processing services.

Knowing where to find local merchant services often delays store owners from obtaining high-quality payment processing equipment.

Account Representatives for Local Merchant Services

Knowledgeable account representatives provide business owners with insightful details about credit card processing software and equipment.

Some merchant processing services may be limited in smaller markets, where banks are competing for business from larger retailers and big-box establishments.

Fortunately, payment processing help is available for small business owners throughout the USA.

Valued Merchant Services has a team of nationwide sales representatives who provide outstanding support for local business owners.

Our account representatives and area managers are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs obtain the best pricing for merchant processing services.

Grow a Small Business With Credit Card Processing Services

Innovations in technology enable small businesses to use seamless solutions that deliver phenomenal credit card processing services.

According to the Federal Reserve, more than 83 percent of the adults in the US had a credit card in 2020. It would be unwise for a small business owner to ignore such a large percentage of the population.

Making the shift from a cash-only business to a business that also accepts credit cards, debit cards and gift cards should help increase sales for a local company.

Additionally, with local merchant services, a small business can implement loyalty programs to build a company’s branding and to incentivize current customers to return.

When a merchant can accommodate shoppers who want to pay with cash, debit cards, mobile payments, credit cards or tap to pay options, a small business might grow much faster than expected.

Secure Merchant Services

Credit card fraud and cybercrime may create security concerns for merchants who accept electronic payments.

However, small business owners can obtain secure merchant services to maintain a shield against a growing number of predators.

With hackers stealing trillions of dollars each year, companies that are PCI compliant should be far less vulnerable than businesses without the industry-recognized protocols.

Valued Merchant Services offers secure credit card processing for small business owners.

Cost for Local Merchant Services

Rates for merchant services will vary among financial companies.

Many small business owners pay a monthly equipment fee, an interchange rate and a processing fee to facilitate electronic payment transaction.

Volume-based discounts are typically offered to merchants who process a large quantity of credit card payments.

Securing competitive costs for local merchant services can save a small business a lot of money.

Valued Merchant Services provides low rates, local service, affordable hardware and software, and a host of other solutions for small business owners.

In fact, our rate reduction of $500 is payable to merchants with current credit card processing rates that are lower than we can offer.

A small business owner who saves hundreds of dollars per month could realize some additional cash flow or a stronger bottom line.

Valued Merchant Services has experienced local professionals throughout the U.S. who are kind and very courteous.

Speaking with one of our account representatives is the best way to learn about low-rate credit card processing services for small businesses.

Contact Valued Merchant Services today for more details or call us at (800) 531-8575.

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