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Consistent income can provide a way to pay for a variety of obligations and personal pleasures. However, job security seems to have faded away from many traditional types of employment. A bright future awaits motivated individuals who want to start a career in merchant services full or part time and remote / work from home or out in the field locally.

About the Merchant Services Industry

Valued Merchant Services (VMS) provides a wide variety of secure electronic payment solutions for small and large businesses through a nationwide network of local sales agents. Whether payments are made via face to face transactions, where a shopper taps, swipes or dips a credit card or a debit card or the transaction is completed over the phone, on the go or online, VMS provides merchants with multiple safeguards against hackers.

VMS and its partners are driven to maintain a secure payment environment to shield our valued merchants customers’ information from bad actors, when shopping transactions are performed online, with a mobile device and at point-of-sale locations.

Technological advancements are continuously made with enhanced forms of encryption, yet, the global threats against the payment card industry are expected to continue.

Recent data reflects that $28.65 billion were lost worldwide due to payment card fraud, and an additional $38.50 billion are projected in worldwide losses from payment card fraud in 2027, according to the Nilson Report.

While the reported data and future estimates are disappointing figures to observe, it emphasizes the importance of staying vigilant against the present and upcoming threats.

Therefore, the choosing the right provider within the merchant services industry is essential toward the mission to protect consumers from a financial disaster that might occur as a result of a payment-related data breach.

Securing an opportunity to sell software and equipment that protects merchants and consumers can provide many rewards.

Starting a Sales Career in the Merchant Services Industry

Success in the merchant services industry is often realized among people who enjoy helping others.

While earning enough money to make a living is important in every industry, people who work with Valued Merchant Services are genuinely committed toward helping business owners and consumers with fraud mitigation.

Some sales jobs that are based in wholesale or retail industries have high turnover ratings due to an unsatisfying work environment or to an unrealistic earnings potential.

When a sales opportunity offers products that are highly needed, competitively priced and has a variety of ways for representatives to earn money quickly and consistently, longevity with the firm becomes more realistic.

Sales representatives who start a career with Valued Merchant Services will get access to training that exceeds industry standards, unmatched support and lifetime residual earnings.

Joining Valued Merchant Services as a Lead Generator, Sales Agent, Recruiter or as a Sales Manager?

The card payment industry has many sales agents who are passionate about remote career opportunities.

Although, some credit card processing companies offer limited services, uncompetitive pricing and minimal benefits for outside sales representatives.

Valued Merchant Services encourages its team of lead generators, sales agents, recruiters and sales managers to promote a variety of products that provide some very rewarding incentives.

For instance, VMS provides small businesses with:

  • Credit Card Processing Services
  • Business Loans / Lines of Credit
  • ATM Machine Sales & Service
  • Payroll & HR
  • Check / ACH Processing
  • Consumer Financing Programs
  • Mobile Payment Solutions
  • E-commerce
  • Gift and Loyalty Card Programs
  • EMV & NFC Terminals
  • Point of Sale Hardware & Software

Potential candidates are typically excited to learn about all the opportunities that Valued Merchant Services offers.

Experienced professionals quickly recognize the strength that a company has after 17 years in business with an outstanding reputation.

With multiple Inc. Magazine awards as one of the fastest growing private companies in America, A+ ratings and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, 5 star reviews on Glassdoor, the editor’s choice award from and a top reliability rating from CardPaymentOptions. The president of our company Chris Del Grande was recently quoted in an article in Inc. Magazine about High-Performing CEOs and Founders on the Best Practices for Building, Growing, and Running a Business alongside Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Oprah Winfrey and Reid Hoffman (Founder of LinkedIn).

Valued Merchant Services is a great company for anyone who is interested in a merchant services career.

Contact Valued Merchant Services for more details about full time, part time, temporary and remote / work from home career opportunities.

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