Using Clover POS for Electronic Payments

Electronic payments provide a simplistic way for merchants to accept credit cards and debit cards. However, with a robust point-of-sale system, shoppers will be able to select a variety of methods to pay for their goods or services. Using Clover for electronic payments is ideal for merchants who need in-store or mobile support.


About the Clover POS System

The Clover point-of-sale system is a powerful business tool for merchants.

Since the technology uses a cloud-based platform, users can access the system from anywhere.

This amazing platform enables a merchant to access managerial reports, such as hourly sales, daily performance charts and other types of information.

With a secured credit card reader, a merchant can use Clover to safely perform mobile payments via an app for Android or iOS devices.

Many standard features are included within the Clover POS System. Although, merchants can integrate a variety of plugins and customized support tools to build out the system for specialized business needs.

Compatibility with various third-party applications, peripherals, scanners and printers are additional reasons that merchants are using Clover for electronic payments.

A massive marketplace of third-party apps is available for use with the Clover POS System for merchants who need payroll, inventory and marketing support.

Business owners who dread to perform grueling financial reports should know that Clover POS works seamlessly with QuickBooks accounting software. The Clover System also works with Yelp and other applications.


How Much Does Clover Cost?

The cost that a merchant pays for a Clover POS System will depend on several factors.

Popular among retail establishments and restaurants, Clover offers an affordable way to obtain a high-quality point-of-sale system.

The costs for a Clover are based on the equipment that a merchant selects, software costs and payment processing costs.

Valued Merchant Services offers a variety of hardware options for the set up of a Clover System.


Getting A Clover System for Merchant Services

Store owners can configure a variety of devices to collect electronic payments.

Although, using a Clover system to accept credit cards and debit cards is a reliable way to perform secure electronic transactions.

Users can purchase portable Clover devices or a countertop Clover Station that is equipped with features, such as a cash drawer or a touchscreen display.

Reach out to us today about getting a Clover system for merchant services.


Using Clover to Accept Electronic Payments

Regardless of a company’s size, Clover is an elite system for electronic payment acceptance.

Clover has an elegant appearance and the technological features will simplify traditional payment processes.

Merchants can purchase a Clover Go device that works well in mobile settings.

The device may be attached to a merchant’s smartphone or a tablet to accept electronic payments from any location.

With a Clover Mini or a Clover Station, a user can quickly expedite checkout transactions and provide customers with a printed receipt.


Ordering a Clover System Online

For entrepreneurs who are starting a new business or merchants who want to upgrade their existing point-of-sale hardware, a Clover System is an excellent choice.

The system is easy to set up for merchants who are looking for user-friendly software to accept credit cards, debit cards, EBT cards and gift cards.

Today, merchants can inquire about ordering a Clover POS System, here on our website.

Our professional account representatives will be delighted to provide details or to answer any questions about using a Clover POS System to accept electronic payments.

Valued Merchant Services is a reliable company that has helped many business owners improve their cash flow, while enjoying a higher return on investment via exceptional equipment, software and payment processing costs.


Contact Valued Merchant Services for more information about getting a Clover System for electronic payments.

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