6 Podcast Episodes You Need To Hear

There are many ways you can get your business information and news. Admit it: you’ve got more than a few business blogs bookmarked in your Chrome’s top bar and a few pamphlets about sales secrets stuffed in your desk. This is great news. Smart business professionals know that the quest for business info is never-ending.

One news or information venue you may not have looked into yet is podcasting. While podcasts aren’t exactly unpopular, they aren’t the powerhouse info source of the Internet, but they are gaining popularity. Professionals are finding it easier to turn on a podcast while driving to work than dangerously trying to read something on their Kindle and maneuver through traffic.

The number of podcasts available out there is expansive, mostly because anyone with a microphone can set one up. We’ll help you navigate your iTunes and Google search by pointing you towards six great podcasts and episodes that we think will get you hooked.

Flip the Switch

This marketing podcast is hosted by business site Uberflip and focuses on forward-thinking marketers who are turning the sales world on its head. If you’re looking for advice from influencers, look no further – and Uberflip isn’t a site that plays around. Forget about marketers from sites you’ve never heard of from people whose names you won’t remember after the 10 minutes is up. Flip the Switch has seen guests like Mathew Sweezey, Principle of Marketing Insights at Salesforce, and Anum Hussain, Senior Growth Marketer at the business resource giant HubSpot.

In fact, their episode with Hussain is the one you may want to pay attention to most. You know anyone from HubSpot knows exactly what they’re doing, and Hussain offers great insights on topics like organic search and product launching.

UnPodcast: The Business Podcast For the Fed-Up

The UnPodcast series is for the business professional that’s getting jaded by the wealth of information on the Internet that all feels forced and regurgitated. Instead of finding yet another business blog post that says the same thing as five others, the UnPodcast hosts Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer discuss business misinformation, like their episode on misleading mistakes you’re probably making with your client conversations.

Stratten and Kramer also provide real-life examples and insights that show listeners they aren’t BS-ing. To summarize their whole podcast concept, this dynamic duo wants to make sure you’re really informed, cutting off all the fat and leaving the steak on the plate.

Social Trigger Insider

Psychology will always be a big part of marketing, which is the entire point of Social Trigger Insider. Host Derek Halpern picks a topic to discuss, sometimes with a guest, and delves into how psychology takes a roll in how consumers act and respond. From media coverage to the decision making process, Halpern is an expert in what makes a consumer tick.

Adam grant, a New York Times best-selling author, once visited and discussed the fascinating concept of the three kinds of people in the world. What are they? Which are you? Listen and learn.

The Growth Show

A HubSpot sponsored podcast, The Growth Show is all about how you do one thing with your B2B business – grow it. Whether it’s through marketing, sales, branding or social media success, business leaders are partnering with the leader in business advice and resources to give you a podcast that’s total value, no fluff. Featured guests include Kira Wampler, the CMO of Lyft, and Matthew Ramirez, the CEO and co-founder of WriteLab.

Ramirez has also gone on the podcast to discuss writing styles and how content can boost business growth exponentially. It’s definitely worth a listen.


Who doesn’t like some business controversy? If you answered that question with “I don’t,” Ben Settle’s podcast isn’t for you. With opinions and insights based on his own experience, Settle gets nitty and gritty with his views on the world of business, and sometimes what he has to say is the opposite of what you’ve heard all your life.

Want an example? His episode entitled “Why only chumps pay for informational products” discusses exactly what it says on the tin – and you’ll either love or hate what you hear.

Under the Influence

The joking tone of this podcast’s title sets the stage for the content it contains. Under the Influence is all about expert insight from industry influencers in a comfortable, casual setting. When you listen to Under the Influence, you’re listening to intimate interviews and conversations, not scripted, regurgitated advice you can find on any blog. Host Terry O’Reilly offers listeners an inside peek at the world of advertising through fun facts and information on famous ad campaigns.

For one of the best episodes, listen to this one that covers invented words you probably use every day that come from ad campaigns.

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By Chris Del Grande

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