Top 5 Sales Books You Need to Read

As an entrepreneur, sales person or other business professional, it’s likely you’ve invested a lot of time, energy and/or cash into learning about your craft. Between courses and literature, seminars and audio books, you’ve got an arsenal of knowledge and a hole in your wallet – but it’s one you’ve filled back up with cash using everything you’ve learned.

However, any good professional knows that there’s no time to stop learning. You’ve got to continuously better yourself in order to be the best. This means bookmarking blog pages, finding new resources to farm for ideas and always adding new tomes to your bookshelf.

If you’re currently looking for more book recommendations, we’ve got five titles for sales skills that you’ve got to read if you want to truly be a B2B sales professional. From newer releases to older classics, these are a handful of must-read books that will completely better your business life. Each blurb is accompanied by a bite-sized review except written by a reader who found the book just as valuable as we did.

“The Ultimate Sales Revolution: Sell Differently. Change The World”

Author: Steve Lishansky

Taking a quote directly from the inside flap of the book, “‘The Ultimate Sales Revolution’ tackles and transforms the thorniest issues in sales, and provides proven principles and a path for creating massively successful relationships. Lishansky’s writings describe for business professionals how to innovatively sell using tactics that solve sales problems that have plagued the industry for years. A true problem solver, Lishansky tells readers exactly how to make their lives prosperous using proven sales techniques they can’t pick up from a simple seminar or blog post.

“The process is easy to understand and the book clearly outlines the value-based partnership model, including a starter on the types of open ended questions necessary to master this new way of relating.”

“DISCOVER Questions Get You Connected: for professional sellers”

Author: Deb Calvert

Sales is a game of listening, which means asking questions that get you the right information you need to absorb. When you ask the right clients the right questions, you discover the tools you need to solve their pain points and get their business in the bag. This kind of professional espionage is covered in Calvert’s “DISCOVER Questions.” Calvert put over 15 years of research into writing this particular book, basing all of his findings on Average Joe sales reps and their practices.

“Discover Questions was excellent–giving experienced and novice sales people guidance on how to ask questions, drive the sales conversation, and show you care!”

“Become an Expert Negotiator: Real Life Sales & Negotiation Tactics”

Author: Daniel Weiser

Sometimes business and sales is simply one long negotiation meeting. Discussing differences, coming to compromises and solving problems – sounds like a few tricky sales meetings you’ve probably been to. Weiser uses his experience as an expert negotiator to show sellers how these skills can translate to the business world and offer sales results like you’ve never seen before.

“This book is a valuable resource for enhancing your ability to succeed in one of the most important phases of the selling process – getting the terms you want and deserve.”

“Real-World Selling: Techniques for Selling in the Real-World with Real Results”

Author: Rick Wilcoxon

There’s selling in the world of blogs and in theory, and there’s actually putting these efforts into practice. What you may not know about many business advice blogs is that they exist to pump up a site’s SEO – the advice they offer is easily Googled and retyped in order to boost their content ratings. This isn’t advice you can trust, but Wilcoxon goes the extra mile. He offers sellers the real deal – advice that works in the real world based on real observations.

“…The book itself is designed to hold the reader accountable for each lesson read. Every one-page lesson is accompanied by a one-page log on sales activities that made direct use of the lesson. Brilliant!”

“Upside Down Selling: An Integrity-based Sales Approach to Avoid Being Predictable”

Author: Ian Altman

Some salesmen look at selling like one big gimmick, but this isn’t how you truly succeed in the world of sales. Building trust with customers is how you create relationships. “Upside Down Selling” shifts the focus from pushing for sales to delivering value to the consumer; an asset most businesses lose as they become blinded by the need for more and more cash. Altman flips the sales world on its head by showing readers that all you need to make your sales successful is an attitude of genuine integrity.

“I came away totally impressed with his strategies, tactics and real world solutions that address the age old subject of “selling” in a unique and refreshing way. I read his book later that week and was pleasantly surprised with the quality and depth of his content.”


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By Chris Del Grande

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