How to Keep Employees Motivated During Difficult Times

Unusual circumstances could negatively impact an employee’s production. Whether the issues stem from personal problems or corporate demands, a dismal mindset might become contagious. Valued Merchant Services offers some helpful tips to keep employees motivated during difficult times.

Establish a Friendly Work Environment

Employees who dread the idea of going to work are more likely to quit or to operate with less precision.

Many companies have a relaxed work environment to help employees unwind during challenging times.

Installing a rooftop gym, a fitness center, a gaming center or a coffee bar can provide a quick break from the daily grind.

Friendly gestures that management can offer may help employees feel more appreciated and less expendable.

Provide Frequent Training

While training days might seem to diminish a company’s production, the long-term output could easily restore certain losses.

Giving employees an opportunity to learn about new technologies or training for promotions within the company reflects a resounding investment in human capital.

Furthermore, employees who recognize a pathway toward upward mobility may cherish the training, while patiently waiting for better days ahead.

Frequent training is also great for retention and it reinforces the positive aspects of continuous education.

Consider Work From Home Assignments

Certain job functions cannot be performed remotely.

However, where the opportunity exists, some employees might be far more productive working from home.

The time that is typically spent commuting to and from work may be used more efficiently, which can lead to more productivity each and every day.

Give Recognition for Stellar Achievements

In difficult times, it may be unrealistic to extend costly rewards, such as a watch, cash or a mini vacation.

Although, taking the time to highlight commendable service could keep employees motivated.

For instance, a manager could create a poster for the employee of the month, buy lunch for an employee who reaches specific milestones or award personal days off for an employee who works for an extended time frame without an injury or tardiness

Radiate Positivity

No one enjoys the presence of a loud and obnoxious manager. A true leader understands the power of empathy versus being overly cavalier.

Words of encouragement and a willingness to hear an employee’s concerns can help managers maintain a positive work environment during challenging times.

Communicating with a polite and pleasant tone never causes an employee to feel looked down upon. However, under stressful conditions the wrong attitude can lead to a negative outcome.

As a manager with a can-do spirit and positive energy, it becomes much easier for employees to roll up their sleeves for you.

Get Feedback From Your Employees

The best way to keep your employees motivated is to know what they want.

Quite often, managers and supervisors are barking out orders without asking their employees for feedback.

Without spending a ton of money to hire a motivational guru, it makes a lot of sense to just ask employees for their opinion or feelings about certain procedures or assignments.

Feedback from your employees may be obtained in a group setting or anonymously via a suggestion box.

Demonstrate an adherence toward positive changes by implementing several employee-suggested ideas. This may result in greater productivity and the overall morale at work could improve.


A variety of ideas may be used to keep employees motivated during difficult times.

Employers are encouraged to try an assortment of strategies to maintain a workforce that is capable and energetic every day.

When possible, a gift card to a local restaurant or placing an order for a pizza delivery is a nice way to recognize employees for outstanding performance.

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