Merchant Services: Online Credit Card Processing

Covid-19 health awareness concerns have led to an increase in credit card usage. Fewer trips to local stores has also resulted in more purchases via the Internet. Valued Merchant Services offers support for business owners who need affordable online credit card processing.

Convenient Shopping From Home With a Major Credit Card

Many consumers are unable to resist the urge to spend money.

Whether shopping for more clothes, shoes, gadgets or to place an order for a local food delivery, a consumer will need to use a credit card or a debit card to facilitate an online payment.

Merchants who operate an online store must have a way to safely accept electronic payment methods.

Set Up an Online Payment Gateway for an Ecommerce Store

A business owner who sells goods online will need a payment gateway that enables web-based credit card payments and debit card payments to get securely routed through several processing channels.

Without an online payment gateway, a merchant would not be able to connect an ecommerce website to a financial hub that collects money for web-based transactions.

In fact, when setting up a new website, many entrepreneurs have concerns about the ability to receive payments for items within an online store.

Typically, a business owner will have expertise with sourcing goods for sale and with shipping items around the globe.

Working with an experienced merchant services company is recommended to ensure that reliable online credit card processing support is in place.

With the set up of a secured online payment gateway, a business owner can operate a web-based business with confidence.

Comparing Online Credit Card Processing Fees

Electronic payment methods that are conducted online will eliminate the need for a business owner to meet in-person with a customer to tap, dip or swipe a physical card to complete the transaction.

For the added convenience and to maintain the technological process, a merchant will incur a credit card processing fee for every completed sale online.

However, business owners should know that credit card processing fees will vary among companies that offer online merchant services.

When comparing credit card processing fees, a number of variables must be considered to determine the best value.

Merchants must review the monthly sales volume, number of transactions, in-store sales versus online sales, monthly fees and other items to comparison shop for the best credit card processing fees.

Typically, a business owner will need to compare transaction fees, interchange fees and monthly fees among credit card processing companies.

Valued Merchant Services works with business owners to streamline the search for premier credit card processing rates.

Getting Paid From Online Sales

A merchant may wonder how the click of a few buttons will result in money that gets transferred into his bank account.

While the process is very sophisticated, online payment transactions are performed within a matter of seconds.

After a shopper enters her payment data onto a merchant’s payment form, the details are sent to a payment processor and merchant account via a secured payment gateway.

The payment processor will communicate with the associated credit card network to verify that a sufficient amount of funds are available within the cardholder’s bank to complete the transaction.

If authorization is granted for the payment, the payment processor will forward the funds to the merchant account.

Knowing that payments are approved online prior to shipping valuable items to consumers is a safeguard against fraudulent transactions.

Speaking with a merchant services representative can enable a business owner to learn more about accepting credit cards online.

Contact Valued Merchant Services to inquire about our affordable ecommerce payment solutions.

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