Affordable Credit Card Processing

Credit card acceptance provides greater convenience for shoppers. Although, handling fewer paper bills and coins are also benefits for merchants. Business owners are able to save money on each transaction with affordable credit card processing.

How Much Does Credit Card Processing Cost?

Store owners may wonder if there is a standard method to find the actual cost of credit card processing.

However, the costs for processing debit cards and credit cards will vary among merchant processing companies.

The overall costs that a merchant might pay are typically based on flat-rate pricing, interchange-plus pricing, processing fees as a percentage of the transaction size, merchant processing equipment fees and other monthly fees.

All of the aforementioned fees are not assessed to every business owner. Some merchant processing companies might include all of the pricing items mentioned above, while other firms may charge a combination of the types of fees shown.

Saving Money on Credit Card Processing Fees

Running a business that generates positive earnings is the goal for most for-profit companies.

Although, certain overhead items and recurring monthly expenditures are a necessary cost of doing business.

Areas where saving are possible, such as credit card processing fees and debit card processing fees could improve a company’s earnings.

Since each transaction that requires an electronic payment will incur a fee, it is wise to obtain affordable credit card processing services.

Money that is saved when accepting credit cards in-store or online may be put to use in other areas of the business.

While saving two cents per transaction might not appear meaningful, at first glance, a business owner might be surprised by the possibilities.

For instance, a store owner who performs 5,000 transactions in a single month could save $100 with credit card processing costs that are lowered by two cents per tapped, dipped or swiped transaction.


The savings of $100 from the above example might be able to pay for a merchant’s cable bill or toward the cost of a company’s monitored alarm system.

Affordable credit card processing also works very well for businesses that conduct a larger number of transactions per month.

A restaurant that receives 20,000 credit card payments per month could save $400 per month with merchant processing costs that are lowered by two cents per transaction.

Speaking with a merchant account representative about affordable credit card processing rates is a great way to make an informed decision.

Get Affordable Credit Card Processing

Entrepreneurs are typically too busy to invest the time that is needed to locate and to compare a myriad of credit card processing costs, which are offered from thousands of companies that provide merchant services.

To get a great deal, a store owner would need to make an apples-to-apples comparison among merchant services companies for their monthly fees, fees per transaction, equipment fees, interchange fees, assessment fees, software costs and other fees.

Valued Merchant Services provides competitive rates for credit card processing.


We keep a pulse on the best products, services and prices that are offered within the electronic payment industry.

Using a free no obligation analysis, we can determine different ways a merchant could save on their current credit card and debit card processing costs.

Upon reviewing a company’s most recent processing statement, we will provide our best recommendations for credit card processing support. Our pricing program options include interchange plus, cash discounting, flat rate programs and more


We are extremely confident about providing the most affordable credit card processing rates. If we cannot beat a company’s current credit card processing rates and fees as shown on their most recent monthly statement, we will pay the merchant $500.

Business owners can save time by working with us to get competitive payment solutions.

Contact Valued Merchant Services today for low-cost electronic payment processing fees and reliable card-reading devices.

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