Mobile Payment Solutions for Small Business Owners

Small business owners are encouraged to accept credit cards and other electronic payment methods. If a company offers a product or a service as a for-profit enterprise, an instant payment may be expected from the purchaser. Valued Merchant Services offers mobile payment solutions for small business owners that are PCI compliant and affordable.

About Mobile Payments

Mobile payments enable users to pay for goods and services via a smartphone or tablet. Since the technology uses extremely high levels of encryption, a shopper will be able to perform transactions that are safe and secured. In most cases, where a strong Wi-Fi or mobile data signal is present, the transaction speeds for mobile payments are lightning fast.

Benefits of Accepting Mobile Payments

Having a smartphone or a tablet enables users to search for nearly anything online.

When a merchant accepts mobile payments, she can generate sales from customers who are in remote locations. For instance, a customer could purchase a pair of shoes while she is waiting for the chef to cook her lunch at a local restaurant.

Merchants who accept mobile payments could generate more online sales from shoppers who want to pay for certain goods and services electronically.

This is a win-win for shoppers and for merchants, too. Merchants can receive additional sales. Shoppers can pay for items without physically going to the merchant’s location, if shipping options are available.

Electronic Payments With a Mobile App

A merchant who establishes a mobile application for his business can rapidly build brand awareness. As the mobile app is discovered and downloaded onto a smartphone or a tablet, a user will be able to make in-app payments from mobile locations.

The electronic payment methods that are used for mobile app purchases are typically made with a credit card, a debit card or a gift card.

Mobile app payments are convenient for shoppers. Merchants who offer mobile apps can create customer loyalty programs and incentives to shop more frequently via in-app messaging and special promotions.

Speaking with an experienced mobile app developer is a wise way to get more details about customized mobile applications.

After a merchant has a fully functional mobile app that is equipped with an online shopping cart or a buy now button, a merchant services company can provide seamless software solutions to facilitate electronic payment methods.

Mobile Card Readers for Small Business Owners

A small business owner who operates from multiple locations can accept credit cards and debit cards with a mobile card reader or wireless credit card terminal.

With a growing amount of shoppers electing to carry less cash, an alternative payment method may be needed among entrepreneurs who want to sell goods and services from any location.

A mobile card reader may be attached to the headphone jack of a smartphone or a tablet to accept electronic payments. A wireless credit card terminal operates almost identically to a countertop terminal but uses a rechargeable battery for power and mobile data plan to connect to the payment networks

Whether a business owner decides to have a pop up sale or to operate an auto detailing business from various locations, a mobile card reader or wireless terminal can obtain an authorization in real time for a customer’s payment.

Wireless Payment Transactions With a Mobile Wallet

Speedy checkout solutions can provide wireless payment methods for shoppers.

Some shoppers may use a smartphone wallet to store payment details for Apple Pay or Google Pay.

When using a mobile wallet to pay for items at checkout, a shopper can waive her smartphone within close proximity to a mobile card reader to perform a contactless payment.

Within seconds, an approval for the transaction may be generated, and the shopper can quickly exit the checkout area.

The number of contactless payment transactions have increased since the concerns surrounding Covid-19 began.

We provide a variety of mobile payment solutions for small business owners.

Contact Valued Merchant Services today for information about secured credit card processing services.

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