Merchant Services for Small Businesses

Small businesses provide valuable products, services and jobs that fuel our economy. Although, a variety of resources are needed to compete with other companies. Entrepreneurs can obtain high-quality merchant services for small business owners.

Benefits of Merchant Services

Merchant services deliver a ton of support for small business owners and convenience for consumers.

Here are some of the benefits of merchant services for small businesses:

  • Fewer trips to a local bank
  • Less cash handling
  • Reduced opportunities for losses from internal theft
  • Limited cash in the register drawer deters bad actors from robberies
  • Faster checkout time frames
  • Enhanced customer experience

Contactless Payments

Tap and go contactless payment features enable consumers to maneuver through the checkout area with ease.

Additionally, contactless payments are appreciated among health conscious shoppers who prefer to avoid touching anything near the checkout lane, except for their shopping bags and a receipt.

Small businesses can acquire low-cost merchant services with a reputable company for contactless payment equipment.

EMV Chip-Card Readers to Accept Secured Credit Card Payments

Merchants should know how important it is to accept secured credit card payments.

Today, consumers have a heightened awareness about fraudulent activities that occur via swiped credit card transactions. Having the most up-to-date merchant processing devices and quality software support are essential to ensuring that a shopper’s data is safe.

Merchants also benefit from the installation of EMV chip-card readers.

Unlawful activity that stems from stolen credit cards or a cardholder’s information may result in unsettled transactions, if the merchant does not provide the option for consumers to dip a credit card into an EMV chip-card reader.

However, consumers and merchants are not liable for fraudulent activity that occurs with an EMV chip-card reader.

EMV technology was developed by Europay, Mastercard and Visa to make it much more difficult for fraudsters to steal sensitive financial data from credit cards or debit cards.

Point-of-Sale Merchant Processing Equipment for Small Business Owners

Payment processing equipment is needed to electronically transfer money from a shopper’s credit card that will ultimately land into a merchant’s bank account.

POS payment devices such as card readers, terminals, barcode readers and other items are used toward accepting credit cards.

The transfer time frame can take up to three days before the money is available for the merchant to use. However, business owners typically receive money from credit card payments within one or two days.

Mobile Credit Card Readers for Small Businesses

For certain small businesses that are accepting credit cards for a limited number of transactions, a mobile credit card reader is a great item to have.

A merchant can easily connect a mobile credit card reader onto a smartphone or a tablet via the headphone jack.

The mobile credit card reader uses a mobile app to obtain a payment authorization. After the payment is confirmed, a merchant can send a receipt via an email or a text message.

Merchant Services Can Increase Sales for Small Businesses

Some small businesses prefer to operate as cash-based entities that do not accept credit cards.

Although, merchants who accept cash, checks, credit cards, debit cards and gift cards can receive a variety of payment methods from shoppers.

With multiple payment options, a merchant has more opportunities to increase sales.

Merchants who are not accepting credit cards are limited to the amount of cash that shoppers are carrying.

An impulsive purchase that exceeds that amount of money that a consumer has could be an additional sale for a merchant that accepts credit cards.

Merchants should proactively display logos and decals from Visa, Mastercard, American Express and other credit card issuers that are accepted in-store and online.

Customers who recognize that a merchant accepts credit cards might add more items to their shopping cart prior to reaching the checkout area.

Contact Valued Merchant Services today about credit card processing equipment for small businesses.

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