Earn Extra Income as an Independent Sales Agent

Flexible income opportunities provide lucrative ways for motivated individuals to make some additional cash. Working with the right company could have a variety of personal and financial benefits. Valued Merchant Services offers rewarding opportunities for independent sales agents within the card payment industry.

Jobs for Independent Sales Agents

Independent sales agent jobs are available for full-time and part-time work. Positions are available for representatives who are able to speak with business owners about obtaining low-cost credit card processing services.

The Covid-19 pandemic ignited a work from home environment that has piqued the interest of many professionals. Independent sales agents have enjoyed remote work opportunities to sell credit card processing equipment and merchant services for many years.

Valued Merchant Services provides nationwide training and support that enables independent sales agents to earn extra income from home-based locations throughout the United States.

Whether additional money is needed to pay off a few bills, save for a vacation or to shop for the holidays, independent sales agents can receive some generous bonuses, commissions and lifetime monthly residual income.

Benefits of Working as an Independent Sales Agent

Working in the merchant processing industry has more rewards than additional income.

Consumers desire to shop more frequently at establishments that accept electronic payment methods.

Representatives who are employed in the card payment industry play a vital role toward healthcare, as cashless checkout methods are eco-friendly. With touchless and limited contact transactions, shoppers may be less susceptible to germs that could be transmitted via paper bills or coins.

The growth of the credit card processing industry can also shrink the quantity of environmental resources that are used to produce paper bills.

Successful independent sales agents are helping business owners save money by offering them a variety of ways to reduce certain operating fees, such as lower transaction costs and better pricing on secured credit card processing equipment.

Extra income from merchant services can grow into lucrative earnings for representatives who can increasingly secure new customers.

Work With a Leader Within the Credit Card Processing Industry

Companies throughout the U.S. are offering employment opportunities to independent sales agents. While some of the companies are established businesses, others may be considered as fly-by-night firms.

Independent sales agents are encouraged to work with reputable credit card processing companies that have been in business for several years.

While working from home to earn extra income sounds great, the experience might be frustrating for an independent sales agent, if the employer is still trying to figure out how things are done within the industry.

Valued Merchant Services has many years of reputable credit card processing experience. In fact, our sales representatives can speak to business owners with an abundance of confidence, as we have been in business since 2006 and we have received multiple awards as an Inc. 5000 honoree.

Many card payment companies compete on credit card processing costs or unique services. Independent sales agents for Valued Merchant Services can mention our $500 lowest rate guarantee to business owners throughout the country.

Reliable services and low-rate credit card processing are reasons for independent sales agents to work with an industry leader.

Selling merchant services is a lot easier for independent sales agents who represent a trustworthy company that understands all aspects of the business and has outstanding customer reviews online.

Independent sales agents who are interested in earning some extra income or the ability to generate residual income from home can learn more about the opportunity.

Contact Valued Merchant Services to discuss the possibility of joining an award-winning company.

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